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What's in my Hospital Bag

Hey everyone! Sorry about the lack of posts lately.

Let's just say third trimester of pregnancy hasn’t been very pleasant. I wasn’t feeling great for ages and put it down to lack of sleep because the baby is a nutter very active. Turns out I was anaemic and had an infection. I needed to go on a course of antibiotics, rest more and increase my intake of vitamins and iron-enriched foods. Basically, I needed to take a breather.

But, I’m since feeling better and baby is fine! 

I’ve been getting so many messages lately asking about baby things. When I started this blog, I did want to keep it open to posts like this, but not go overboard with it. But you’ve asked, so I shall deliver. If this helps anyone in any way, then it’ll be worth it.

My due date is fast approaching and I’ve less than a month to go before the baby arrives. He could come at any time now. One of the questions I got asked was what’s in my hospital bag. So, I’ll share via a blog post!

(Warning: Before we start I’m a mommy crank. My bag is a crank bag, okay? I’m obsessed with being prepared.)

Confession Time.

I completely forgot about my hospital bag. I know. It didn’t cross my mind until I hit week 33 and realised I should start thinking about packing it. If you’re on a budget, this can be a daunting task, but I found you don’t need to break the bank and still get everything you need.

I started by creating a list of things I needed first. Trust me, this is a lifesaver. I had to refresh my memory by researching online first as I don't remember from when I had Aiden. You can online shop for your things (it’s probably better if you do), but that wasn’t an option for me due to where I live.

Once I had my list compiled, I went shopping. 

I HATED this part, and you will probably too. Yes, buying yourself things is lovely (especially if you’ve spent the last few months buying for a baby and forgot about yourself). But there’s nothing fun about shopping at 35 weeks pregnant! I was stressed, the baby was doing backflips and I needed to pee all the time. I was positive I looked like a tramp walking around aisles with a pen poking out of my mouth and a strict A4 shopping list. Not to mention, bypassing all the nice clothes you can’t fit into is so depressing...

I suggest trying to do this a little sooner than I did. 

Realistically, you’re going to need two bags for the hospital. For your main one, think slightly bigger than a carry-on, and for the second, a beach bag will do the trick. I used a suitcase that I already had, nothing fancy, and brought the beach bag for about £10.

Tip: For crank-style clean packing, get some labelled clear food bags that you can seal and write on. I’ll explain why in a bit.

Another Tip: Double check the hospital you’re going to doesn’t have a bag restriction. I know some hospitals have limitations due to space. Also, leave things like handbags and purses at home.

Once you have your bag situation sorted, start packing! 

2 x Nightdresses for labour.

I’m not a nightie girl, but I packed two for the labour ward. Something light and comes to the knee. Why two? Just incase something happens to the other. (For instance, you hurl over one.) Having a button opening on the front will be easy for breastfeeding and great access if you’re wanting to do that precious skin to skin contact when baby is born. 

Tip: Food bags are a great way of creating order in your bag. There's nothing worse than a chaotic bag you can't find anything in. Using them is a good way for separating items, keeping things clean and fresh, and also if your birthing partner needs to get you/baby something, he/she will know where to look!  

3 x Pyjamas

I packed three pairs of pyjamas for after the birth. Unless it’s winter, I’d stay clear of the thick fleecy kind of pyjamas. They also say stick to darker colours, but with it being the summer, there weren’t any when I was shopping. But anything loose fitting will be comfortable enough. I packed three pairs in hopes that I won’t be in the hospital for long afterward, but I do have an extra bag prepared that I’ll leave in the car if I have to stay longer for whatever reason. 

(I was in the hospital with Aiden for eight days! Absolute torture.)

Knickers/Socks/Nursing Bras.

This is down to personal preference and comfort. I don’t like going anywhere without lots of knickers. It’s like a fear of mine to run out of them. I’ve packed loads of both knickers and socks. I don’t even think there should be a limit on them. Go wild, I say. I even have extra in my spare bag too. Disposable underwear doesn’t work for me and I won’t mind throwing these away because they were cheap. Also, I’m breastfeeding, so I’m bringing two nursing bras with me. I’ve a spare two in the other bag. If you’re not breastfeeding, do bring a comfortable bra still. You’ll be leaking and you’ll be thankful for the support.

 Slippers and Dressing Gown

They say bring a ‘light’ dressing gown, but I’m bringing my usual big, fleecy one I've had for ages. I’m not a fan of the hospital. I had a terrible time with Aiden being in the ward for so long after the birth, so you’re going to need all the comfort you can get. I’m also bringing a pair of slippers. They also say bring flip flops for the shower, but that’s up to you.


Again, personal preference on which products you want to bring and use. In general, I'm bringing shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo (if you don't want to wash your hair), face wipes, cellular face sponges, razor, toothbrush, lip balm, moisturizer, a roll on deodorant and a small hairbrush. (I'm missing toothpaste from the pic.)
 Pennies/Primark is great for travel-sized products. They also have a huge selection on cute toiletry bags. Total personal preference again, you may want to bring makeup. This isn't for anybody's benefit but yours. Personally, I’m not too fussed, but I did get Garnier’s BB cream and will be bringing some blusher and maybe an eyebrow pencil so I don’t look like Gollum from Lord of the Rings.

Maternity/Breast Pads

Oh look, our best friends for the next few weeks. Ugh. I packed two packs of Maternity pads and a bag of breast pads. Again, keep extra handy in a spare bag.

6x baby vests

Again, I used food bags on all the baby’s things to keep them separate from mine. I also washed all my baby clothes in non-bio washing products before packing them. It's up to you whether or not you want to, but it really is worth washing them. Not only do they smell amazing, you don't know what chemicals they were manufactured in. The bags are also a great way of keeping them clean and fresh.

6 x baby gro’s

I packed more ‘newborn’ clothes this time round, as the doctors have been telling me this baby won’t be as big as Aiden was. I do remember just packing 0-3 sizes for Aiden (He was such a long baby). So just be careful when you’re packing that you have a variety of sizes! 

Baby’s 1st outfit.
This was the best part of packing my bag. Choosing babies first outfit. I changed my mind about five times, but decided to go with a very neutral first outfit. Make sure you label this properly as you won’t be able to get it yourself. Someone will be dressing baby for you, so they’ll need to know. You will need a baby gro, vest, hat, scratch mits and a nappy. 

6 x Bibs
2 x Hats

2 x Scratch Mits

2 x baby blankets

I packed one cellular and one fleecy. The white one is brilliant for swaddling and the other is for extra warmth and comfort. I’ve packed spare too!

Beach Bag

I’ve packed two black towels, a baby towel, nappies, cotton wool and a packet of water baby wipes. When I’m due to go to the hospital, I’ll also throw in a notepad & pen (to keep track of things), ready-made cartons of baby milk (just in case I can’t breastfeed), and a sterilized bottle and pacifier.

So, that's basically it for my hospital bag! You don't have to be as crank. I just have issues. :P Hope you enjoyed anyway.


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