Lydia Writes: Cover Reveal and Updates!

To my lovely readers, old and new.

I am happy to announce that I am finally setting a date of Episode releases on Radish Fiction for His To Keep!

SATURDAY 22nd JULY 2017!

Put that in your calendars!

Those who follow me will know I have been focusing on editing this manuscript for its release on Radish Fiction for some time. Unfortunately, I had to postpone because of pregnancy and life stuff, but it’s time!

So, without further ado, I bring you the new cover & blurb.


Sinners will burn.

Ava’s life is thrown upside down when she’s taken away from the light and thrown into darkness. She’s the angel Aaron has wanted for so long and he will stop at nothing to keep her in his chains. His for all eternity.

She’s forced to live locked in a room with a boy who guards her, with a twisted family who obeys their one master, and in a house from hell itself. Ava is quick to learn that the only way to get her freedom back is to obey the rules Aaron wants her to obey. But her innocence is about to be destroyed when sinister happenings and secrets come to light, threatening the hope she has grasped so tightly onto.

Then there’s Callum; the boy with demons pouring out of his soul and on the brink of darkness from the years of terrible abuse he has suffered. 

When their hearts start to accidentally fall, sacrifices must be made, and Ava must figure out what she wants most. Freedom, or him. And he must choose what he needs most. Death, or her.  


Ugh. Callum and Ava vibes *.* 

Also, I just want to take the time to clear up a few things before this release! Just to avoid confusion.

-I will not be sharing the full edited manuscript on Wattpad, just the first three chapters. However, you can read the unedited first draft on Wattpad for free, here. (Bearing in mind that it’s a VERY rough draft!)

-His To Keep Episodes will be under the premium model on Radish. The first three episodes (chapters) are free, but you will have to purchase ‘radish coins’ to continue reading.

-I am aware that not everyone can access Radish, but please don’t worry! My main goal is to eventually publish as an e-book format on Amazon Kindle in the future.

-Episodes (chapters) will release weekly, (every Saturday), however, there will be a small ‘break’ period. (Like when TV series have mid-seasonal breaks). This will be because I have taken maternity leave to be with my new baby. But rest assure, as soon as it ends, I will be back and updates will resume until the book is complete!

Hope this helps and I hope you’re all as excited as I am for the release!