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Lydia Writes: Club X

Myself and authors, Lana Sky and Kelly Louise, have teamed up once again, not only to bring you some crazy dark books from our delightful new world, but also a place you can get to know what us and what truly lurks in the depths of Fair Haven City. 

Let me tell you, there's a lot to learn. 

Welcome to Club X, you've now entered Milton, Maxim and Maddox's domain. You must play by their rules or suffer the consequences.

Only joking ;) Or am I? 

Link to the Facebook Group:

Writing has never come easy to me. It's always been hard--a learning curve. It's taken me years and many painful hours of practice, to the point of almost pulling out my own hair. No, I'm not a perfect writer. I still make mistakes constantly and fall back into bad habits. 

But one thing I do know is that I love pushing limits, and in the world of Fair Haven City, I can do just that. It's freedom. 

Have you ever read a book that you loved, …

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